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Welcome to Baldi's basics wild west decompile.


Credits to the wizard royal for the original version and letting me so this.

Credits to porky powers for helping me with a few things.

Credits to mystman12 for the original game.

big thanks to the wizard royal for permission

also this is a 1.4.3 android mod, not a decompile.

Here are the steps again in case

How do I install the android version?

download the apk editor here: https://apkpure.com/apk-editor-android/com.gmail.heagoo.apkeditor

FIRST you need the original version of baldi's basics android

You need an apk editor. If it is not on play store on your phone, download aptoide and download apk editor (the not pro version, the free one). Step 1, go to apk editor. Step 2, tap select an apk file. Step 3, tap the downloads folder and tap the mod's apk file. Step 4, tap common edit. Step 5, tap the install location and change it from prefer external to internal only. Step 6, delete the original baldis basics android app from your phone. Step 7, go back to apk editor and tap Save. Step 8, once it says success, tap install, wait until it says "app installed". Test to see if it works or not.

Credits to dandoesgames for the steps.


Baldi's Basics in wild west Decompile Mac.app.zip 90 MB
Baldi's Basics in wild west Decompile.zip 89 MB
Baldi's basics in wild west android (FIXED).apk 105 MB

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