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Yup it's finally here Michael's teachings after months.

1.2 Updates:

Added 2 new characters! (That replaces Mrs pomp and chalkes)

Returned ghost back to demo school!

Added a volume slider so the options menu

Added 2 new endings to the original school (Secret ending you need to get all the questions wrong even the math machines)

Changed up the original school's second floor so that means the original school is much more bigger.

Made it so that here are 5 Ipad rooms for the first floor and the second floor.

Added more fan art rooms (They are mrs painter's classes)

And much more!


YuraSuper2048: for the math machine package

Daniilsuperx: for the math machine tutorial

GZOONK: for some inspiration

Mystman12: for the Original Baldi's basics

Notfurnace: for voicing the TV man

Sansnic: for the tabbu character.

Mimikyu949: for the chef music and load screen music.

Interlude: for the hamert

Bituin: for voicing tabbu, the painter character and voicing the painter.

Losky: for the new tabbu design and the lost keys comic

WowzaboiModder: For drummerkid, liam and himself and voicing them

SirOofy: for the new music

Endy: for the portal gun comic

Sm Principal: for the No more pepsi and portal Michael comics and for the drink drinks character.

Porky Powers for chef creeper, re design cleaner and himself.

SplintaDinta for the Baldi model.

Jumpman25 & Sibottle for coding help.

Mr Annoymous: for voicing unknown principal and his character zombi.

Any credits I missed out let me know.


Modding or anything other than those are alright to do with this mod.

you must credit this mod when your modding this.

The 2 things your not allowed to do with this mod:
Decompile it.
Re-upload it.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
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